Our Services


We structure our services to best meet your needs — whether that be on a project or retainer basis. 


Media Relations

You want to reach those that need your services or product. We can help you do that. Through media relations, we make sure your story is being told to those that need to hear it. We have established relationships with the media and proven techniques for placing organizations like yours in the right media. 

Issues Management

Is your company getting ready to lay off employees? Or maybe your company is getting ready to move its headquarters. These types of issues present unique communications challenges where timing is critical. We can quickly develop a plan and timeline that ensures we do not overlook any audience. We will also develop messaging that helps explain the situation while addressing concerns and limiting the chance that this issue turns into a crisis. 

Crisis COmmunications

The media is camped on your doorstep because a fire has destroyed a worksite or an executive has been convicted of a felony charge. We can help you manage your crisis communication efforts while you focus on keeping your business running. We will develop messaging, issue news releases, arrange news conferences and interviews and prep you for these appearances.

Social Media

Do you have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)? No worries — we can help you step up your social media game. We will develop social media content (including blogs) as well as establish a social media content calendar to ensure consistent posting. We will also help you grow your followers -- those followers that can make an impact on your business


Do you have multiple communication channels but they are not working together? We can take a look at your existing communications efforts and develop a strategy to make sure that they not only all work together but that you are using all your content in every way possible. We want to make sure you get the most out of the communciation pieces you (or we) take time to create.

PRo Bono Clients

We do pro bono work from time to time.  Contact us to tell us your story and we'll see what magic we can make happen!